Our Fabrication Shop can undertake jobs in all types of steels and aluminium. It is fully equipped with the following machines:

   - Plate Bending Roller Machines
   - Guillotine Shearing Machines
    - Press Brake
    - Sheet Bending and folding Machine
    - Section Bending Roller Machine
    - Hydraulic Presses
    - Profile Cutting Machine
    - Plasma Cutting Machine
    - TIG Welding machine
    - MIG Welding Machines
    - Welding Generators &Transformers

A team of experienced engineers, supervisors, fabricators and qualified welders ensure that the jobs are carried out as per applicable standards and specifications from the customers. The various jobs handled mostly include:

   - Fabrication of machine members and equipment
       for industrial units.
    - Repair damaged links and other heavy members
       of earth moving machinery.
    - Fabrication of storage tanks and process vessels
    - Fabrication of steel structural members for
       buildings and plants.


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