Haji Siddique Foundry is one of the oldest and the largest foundries in U. A. E., where all types of Ferrous and Non –ferrous materials including Alloy Steels, Alloy Cast Irons, Copper Alloys and most Aluminium Alloys are successfully cast as per customer’s specifications.

The foundry is equipped with an induction furnace besides 2 rotary furnaces and conventional crucible furnaces.

Various grades of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys mostly cast in our foundry can be classified as follows:

      - Low/ Medium Alloy Steels
      - High Strength / Hardened / Temperature Resistant Steels.
      - Wear and Impact Resistant Steels.
      - Corrosion and Temperature Resistant Stainless Steels.
      - Ductile Iron.
      - Wear / Abrasion Resistant Iron.
      - Aluminium Bronze
      - Manganese Bronze
      - Phosphor Bronze
      - Tin Bronze.
      - Red Brass
      - Silicon Brass

The maximum weight for any single piece, that can be cast in our foundry is 2000 Kg.

Pattern Making
A full fledged pattern shop works in close conjunction with the foundry to achieve the best ossible casting of parts, with close tolerances and strict adherence to the specified sizes. Our experienced pattern makers are quite capable to make patterns, in wood as well as aluminium, for the most intricate castings in the shortest possible time.
Art Castings
HSF has also made its mark in the field of Art Castings by making emblems and decorative items for architectural use in hotels, buildings and parks. The various materials used for these castings include brass, bronze, aluminium and stainless steel. If desired these castings can be lectroplated,
polished and lacquered for weather protection

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