Compare the output, design and manufacturer’s guarantee of the pumps you are using against HS PUMPS, you won’t take long to conclude…….

HS PUMPS are the most reliable and cost effective pumping sets for portable use. And the are easy to maintain.

Backed by years of engineering and manufacturing expertise HS PUMPS are made in U.A.E. to the highest quality standards using corrosion resistant materials and performance proven components throughout.

In fact quality is built in at every stage of production beginning with planning and continuing through to delivery, because we know that the interchangeability and durability of parts is most essential for making high quality, heavy duty HS PUMPS.

And besides all this a customer service department with complete spare parts inventory is always there to provide technical assistance to customer on site at any time.

This is why civil engineers, builders, contractors, local authorities and industrial units all rely on HS PUMPS for top performance. And they know that 100 percent replacement parts are readily available LOCALLY.

  - Exceptionally rugged volute casing, specially made in high quality bronze to increase its
    service life significantly.

  - Robust impeller, also made in high quality bronze, statically and dynamically balanced to
    ensure a smooth operation throughout its long working life.

  - Heady duty impeller shaft, in stainless steel AISI 316, running in two heavy duty roller
    bearings, housed in a robust cast iron housing.

  - Flood Lubricated air cooled rotary vacuum pump, capable of displacing large volumes of air
     to achieve a high vacuum efficiency for automatic priming and repriming on intermittent      flow.

  - Well proven and robust diesel engine known to be the most reliable and amongst the best
     performers under local site conditions.

  - Performance proven heavy duty mechanical shaft seal having seal faces of silicon carbide     and having heat resistant O-rings.

  - Chassis is mounted on four solid rubber wheels and incorporates a fuel tank sufficient to      keep the pump running for 24 hours or more.


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