Quality Management System

Both the companies of Haji Siddique Group have an efficient quality management system that is fully compliant to ISO 9001-2000.

Our commitment to quality is visibly reflected in our Metallurgical Laboratory. A modern Spectrometer, besides other material testing equipment, gives a rapid and accurate chemical analysis of metals we cast. This rigid control of metal chemistry supplemented by a thorough physical inspection assures that castings are true-to pattern and dimensionally accurate.

Also in Machine Shop and subsequent operations a stringent control system assures that the tools, equipment, processes and methods used while executing the jobs are closely monitored at each step and made sure that job execution/ manufacturing is accomplished in strict accord to our documented system.

The quality inspectors in various sections work as a team to monitor and control the jobs as per customer’s specifications. However , in addition to this definite quality control and inspection department, every worker in our business has, as part of his job, specific inspection functions, to carry out, for his jobs. Each worker assumes his responsibility for quality.


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