In order to carry out the repair and reclamation of hydraulic systems and industrial shafts completely and reliably, it was inevitable to setup an in house Hard Chrome Plating and Thermal Spray Coating system.

Our Electroplating Shop is fully quipped to Undertake high quality Hard Chrome Plating of shafts up to a maximum of 400 mm. Diameter and 2500 mm length. The following jobs are usually hard chrome plated in our facility:

 - Shafts for hydraulic rams of heavy earth moving equipment and general hydraulic and        pneumatic systems.
     - Shaft for marine and chemical processing pumps.
     - Worn out
        Besides this Hard Chrome Plating we also undertake:
      - Nickel Plating
      - Brass Plating
      - Copper Plating
      - Electro Galvanizing (Zinc Plating)

In addition to electroplating we also carry out Thermal Spray coating on shafts and other machine components , using Valu Arc Thermal Spray System in order to achieve the following objective:

- Corrosion Protection
     - Repair and Rebuilding
     - Dimensional Restoration
     - Surface Wear Prevention

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